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Welcome to West Coast Cruisers

    West Coast Cruisers is a new car cruise club, established in September 2009 and based in Perth WA. Our focus is primarily on car cruising, driving events and 4x4 adventures. We don't discriminate with vehicle model, make or type as we want to reach out to all breeds of vehicle enthusiasts and provide you with a club that you can call your own. From your mum's Hyundai Excel to the wildest 1000hp V8 Monaro, we'll cater for it all. Our club is for everyone, young, old and in between. Our events are family friendly and many of our members bring their partners and young children to the events. Club events will occur on a regular basis. With most of our car cruises you will have a say as to which direction the cruise will run, and you'll even have a say in which map will be run, via votes. We will also be running themed cruises such as poker, rally, raffle cruises and the Amazing Race Themed Cruise, where the winners will walk away with a cash jackpot or prize. We can also cater for cruises of a specific vehicle type, just ask and you shall receive! WCC is forum based with the latest version of IP Board, so you can use it for information, chatting, or anything you want. You can make requests and suggestions in the forum section under the category of "Off Topic" under the forum "Requests & Suggestions" to assist us in providing you with the very best website based club around. There is a members only section which is for verified people and gives you access to members only cruises/events and general club members information. Our site also incorporates the ever popular shoutbox module, acting like a live chat room where people can have live conversations. Please click on the forums button to enter the forums...


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